whats in my bag summer 2019

I have a few things that I try to always carry with me. My essentials, the things I feel like I will need when out and about in the world. Most of them are pretty typical, some of them are more of a personal preference. Either way, these are the items I carry with me whenever leaving home with a purse!

For starters, I’m currently using this green over the shoulder bag from good will. It has three separate compartments in it, two side ones and a middle zipper one. It’s the perfect size for everything I need. This is my day bag or the bag I will bring to the beach. The color and shape are perfect in my opinion and I love everything about it! Also, the $7 price tag wasn’t so bad either…

bag overview.png

Now for what’s inside…

I always like a carry a book and a notebook with me. The book I just started is called A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. I love carrying a book with me for when I’m out and about and waiting for something. Sometimes it’s waiting for a table at a restaurant and sometimes it’s waiting in line at the post office. Either way, I find it helpful to have a book so I don’t automatically grab my phone and start scrolling.

I always like to keep a journal on hand as well, incase inspiration strikes when I’m somewhere other than home. I will always keep a pen with me too. It comes in handy more than you would expect.

The middle section of my bag is home to all of my toiletries/make up products. For me, the two most important things here are chapstick and lotion. I live in Colorado where it’s dry af and my skin and lips always need moisturizing. I also like to keep a couple lipglosses on hand and a lipliner incase I need a touch up. Lastly, I like to have eye drops and an eyebrow brush on hand. Eye drops because my eyes often feel dry and itchy and an eyebrow brush to keep my eyebrows looking tamed and cute!

makeup .png

The last section of my bag is full of a few miscellanies items. Let’s start with my AirPods. I’m sure to bring these almost everywhere with me. I like to have them so I can listen to my podcasts/music wherever I am. This comes in handy when at the store. Next I always keep a ponytail holder with me. Right now I am using this pink scrunchie from Urban Outfitters. Lastly, my wallet. Arguably the most important part! In here I keep the typical wallet stuff! ID, debit card, gift cards, you get the point.. :)