unconventional skin care tips

When my skin isn’t in the best shape I can feel really self conscious and down. to avoid breakouts, dullness and redness, I’ve made it a point to make sure I keep my skin as clean as possible. It also isn’t as hard as you would think. When you look up how to clear acne or anything of that sort you only get them same few answers which I don’t think help at all. So, instead I have gathered the top few things that I feel are the key reasons that I haven’t had a break out in months.

One of the biggest things I do is be consistent with the few products I use.
Skincare products don’t need to be expensive to work and you don’t need to use a million things either. I have three products that I swear by and use every single day. For my cleanser I use Dr. Bronners unscented baby soap. A few reasons I like this: a little goes a long way and one bottle lasts a really long time, when you finally use a bottle of it up you can take it to any health food store and refill your previous bottle so you can cut back on plastic waste, my face feels SO clean after using it, it can be used as a body wash, house cleaner, laundry detergent and way more. This is my absolute favorite stuff. It ends up saving you a lot of $$ in the long run.
After washing my face I will spray on the Mario Badescu lavender facial spray. Personally, I’m not sure if this actually does anything for my skin however I still love putting it on daily. It smells great and feels pretty refreshing.
My last step is applying the Glossier priming rich moisturizer. This is a little more expensive than I would normally like to spend on a moisturizer but it works really well. I live in Colorado and the winters here are DRY and I already have dry skin to start with so that combo makes it almost necessary to splurge when it comes to moisturizers, at least for in winter. But either way, find a moisturizer that you like and that works for you and stick to it. I also recommend this Olay face moisturizer which is WAY cheaper and is probably what I will switch back to once it starts warming up.

Aside from basic skin care, I’ve found it really beneficial to wash my pillow cases every week. This is something easy to look over but it is a really important step in clearing your skin. You sweat a lot at night, don’t aways remember to wash your face before bed and carry all of the dirt and grime from each day onto your pillows. Every time you do laundry just throw your pillow cases into the wash as well. Also be sure to use a natural detergent. If you have the Dr. Bronners I talked about early go ahead and use that!

Wash your makeup brushes more often than you think. Its so easy and only takes a second. When you don’t clean them frequently they get caked up with bacteria that just gets put back into your skin day after day. Can anyone guess what I use to clean my brushes? Yup. Dr. Bronners.

Cut back on the makeup. This one can be really hard especially if you have work everyday or big events coming up. If that is the case though, just focus on wearing a little less makeup. Maybe try mixing a little bit of foundation with a moisturizer to make it more breathable. You skin needs to be clean in order to heal, makeup clogs your pores and won’t help with anything.

Don’t touch your face throughout the day. This might be the best thing I did for my skin. Now, when I have a zit I let it be and don’t dare touch it or pop it. Ever since I started practicing this my zits have gone away MUCH quicker and the scarring has been pretty much nonexistent. Don’t touch or pick your face! Just don’t. Make it a point for two weeks and see what happens.

These are the main thins I do to keep my skin clear and healthy. Try them out and see if they work for you. Pair these tips with a healthy and hydrated diet and I guarantee you will see a difference!