23 things I learned by age 23

My 23rd birthday is one day away and i’ve been reflecting a little bit on how much I’ve changed over my life, especially within the past two years. I’ve grown a lot, I’ve learned a lot and started focusing on how I can improve myself and my everyday life. Here are somethings I’ve learned, they are things that I am very much still working on and practicing. They are things I have to remind myself daily to remember. Sometimes it’s hard but pushing through and trying to be better each day is the best things you can do

Trust the process

Don’t take yourself too seriously

Try to have fun and enjoy every part of life

Stop and take in the present moments

Friends come and go

Take time for self reflection

Take chances

Push yourself to do new things

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Go to bed early and wake up early

Take time off of social media

Set routines and stick to them

Set goals for yourself and make active steps to reach them

Eat right- cook for yourself

Other people’s opinions do not matter

Show love to everyone around you

Learn to budget your money

Lay off the alcohol

Move your body

Create more

Don’t wait for perfection


Practice resilience, don’t let small things get you down and always try to come back stronger than before