I've recently been struggling a lot with creativity. Blanks, confusion, overall lack of inspiration. I've been trying things here and there to help get me out of this rut but honestly, I've also had a major lack of motivation. 

Today, I watched a Ted talk that was about creativity and how the education system and schools basically "kill" it. It was everything I've been thinking and experiencing summed up beautifully into a 20-minute video. 

Schools focus so much math, science, and English and don't give students the opportunity to grow in other ways. I've noticed this is my own life by having difficulty in classes and with the overall structure of college which only further pushed me into my a creative block. Everyone is creative. We're born with a strong creative curiosity that is easily visible when we're younger and unafraid. Then, once we're in school we're taught that being wrong is bad. Which, in some instances is true but how are you supposed to find the right answers without fearlessly experimenting through all the wrong ones? 

Personally, I haven't made compelling work in so long because I've been so scared of what people will say. I've been scared people won't like what I'm making and that I'll end up letting myself down. In reality, though, it really doesn't matter. I can't expect to grow and create if I have guards up. 

Letting your creativity take control is difficult and uncomfortable at first because for our entire upbringing we are taught to do the opposite. 

Go out. Create. Make mistakes. Learn a lot. Try anything and everything. Do something you wouldn't normally do. Draw a picture. Write a song. Don't like your fear of making a mistake hold you back from letting yourself create.